Internet Of Things using Ardunio

Workshop Objective

Internet of Things,or IOT in short, is the idea of making devices and objects smarter by linking them to the internet. This workshop introduces you to the amazing world of IOT and its fascinating applications. Using Arduino development kit, you will develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity data over the internet. You can program the system in such a way that say whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the device will automatically send an email notification!

Workshop Outcomes

  • Learn the basics of Internet of Things and its applications.
  • What “the Internet of Things” means and how it relates to Cloud computing concepts.
  • How open platforms allow you to store your sensor data in the Cloud.
  • The basic usage of the Arduino environment for creating your own embedded projects at low cost.
  • How to connect your Arduino with your Android phone.
  • How to send data to the Internet and talk to the Cloud.
  • How to update sensor readings on Twitter (Social Networking Sites).
  • Control a Relay Switch by texting from your Phone.

Why Internet of Things (IOT) Training from RoboFeast-2017 ?

  • Our syllabus is professionally designed to cover Basic as well as Advance aspects of IOT using Arduino
    Each day of our training is well planned to provide you with Theoretical as well as Practical Knowledge of the module
  • Each day will come up with New Practical & Projects which makes the workshop interesting and exciting.
    Time to time Practical Assignments will be provided to the students, which will help them in doing practice at home.
  • Revision Time & Query Sessions are provided to the students which help them in clearing previous doubts.
    Exam will be conducted at the end of basic as well as Advance module to test the knowledge level of the students.
  • Time for Project Workshop will be provided to the students, in which students will develop a project of their own choice. This will encourage Innovative Ideas among students.

2-Days IOT workshop Certificates

  • Certificate of Participation from ROBOFEAST-2017,Cognizance IIT-Roorkee.
  • Certificate of merit from ROBOFEAST-2017,Cognizance IIT Roorkee.
  • Certificate of Coordination from ROBOFEAST-2017, Cognizance IIT-Roorkee.
  • College will get Center of Excellence from ROBOFEAST-2017, Cognizance IIT-Roorkee

IOT using Arduino Course Structure

Day 1 Session 1

Introduction to the Internet of Things

Hours :- 1 hour
  • The Internet of Things
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to ethical hacking
  • Web hacking
  • What is system hacking
  • What is web hacking

The Arduino Platform

Hours :- 1 hour
  • The Arduino Open-Microcontroller Platform
  • Arduino Basics
  • Arduino Board Layout & Architecture
  • Arduino Programming & Interface of Sensors
  • Interfacing sensors with Arduino Programming Arduino
  • Reading from Sensors

1st session Projects

Hours :- 2 hour

Project 1: Simple LED Program for Arduino
Project 2: Integrating Sensors & Reading Environmental Physical Values.

Day 1 Session 2

2nd session Projects

Hours :- 3 hour
  • Talking to your Android Phone with Arduino
  • Connecting Arduino with Mobile Device.
  • The Android Mobile OS.
  • Using the Bluetooth Module

Project 3: Home Automation using Android Smartphone
Project 4: Reading Environmental Values on Android Smartphone.

Day 2 Session 1

Project 5:

Hours :- 3 hour

Project 5: Tweet Sensor Reading through your phone on Twitter.

  • Creating App on Twitter
  • Integrating Arduino to talk to Twitter via Internet.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Communicating with the Cloud using Web Services.
  • Cloud Computing & IoT.
  • Popular Cloud Computing Services for Sensor Management.

Day 2 Session 2

Hours :- 1 hour



Introduction to Interrupts

Hours :- 1 hour
  • What is interrupts
  • Application of Interrupts
  • Registers of Interrupts Different Modes
  • Explaining ARDUINO Serial communication

Day 2 Session 2 Project

Project 6: Sending Arduino Data to your Cloud Application.
Project 7: Use Arduino to Upload free data from Environmental Sensors.

Day 2 Session 3

Hours :- 1 hour

Zonal Competition:

After the theory and practical experience from the workshop, Zonal Round Competition will be conducted for the participants.
Q & A , workshop evaluation ,Certificate distribution

1st Stage (To be held at Zonal Centers)

  • Competitions will be held at different Zonal centers through workshop on IOT.
  • All the participants who want to participate in ROBOFEAST-2017 Championship are required to attend the workshop at any zonal center.

2nd Stage (Prelims rounds to be held at zonal center):

  • Just after the workshop a Prelims Rounds of ROBOFEAST-2017 will held at zonal center.
  • Winners will be awarded with Certificate of Merit and will be eligible to participate in Final Rounds which will be held on march 2017 at IIT-Roorkee.

3rd Stage (FINAL Round to be held at IIT-Roorkee):

  • Winners of zonal centers will be called to participate in the biggest final round of ROBOFEAST-2017 championship will held on march 2017 at IIT-Roorkee
  • Top 3 Teams will be awarded as winners of The ROBOFEAST-2017 championship & will be awarded & honored by Cognizance,IIT-Roorkee.

Free* Kit for Internet of Things Development

  • Arduino Uno Rev 3 (Made in Italy) with USB Cable
  • ESP8266 (ESP01) Serial WiFi Module
  • 1-Channel Relay Module
  • Breadboard (Regular)
  • Assorted Jumper Wires (20)
  • LM35 Temperature Sensor
  • Assorted LEDs (10)

Benefits to the participants

  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.
  • Hands on IOT with Arduino.
  • Build your own weather monitor station Arduino.
  • The Certificate of Participation in association with Cognizance IIT-R.
  • Free Taken away IOT development Kit to each team of 5 membyers.
  • Zonal center’s winners will be called to participate in the final round will be held at IIT-Roorkee.
  • Top Teams will be awarded as winners with the certificate of honor &respected prizes at IIT-Roorkee

Benefits of association with RoboFeast-2017

  • Name and Logo including website link will be published on our official website mentioning that “You are our Official Zonal Partner”.
  • Authorized Team will visit your College to organize the entire event.
  • The chance to get signs the MOU between Finland labs New delhi & Your estimated college.
  • An email will be sent to more than 1 lack users of our web partners about your college publicity.
  • Posters and Flexes will be sent to you for effective regional publicity.
  • All India publicity through Web marketing will also be done.

What are the other requirements for this workshop?

  • Seminar hall/classroom having the enough capacity to conduct hands-on-session for all participants.
  • Good Quality public address system ideally two cordless mikes will be required.
  • Projector/ Screen along with black/white board for teaching and presentation purposes.
  • One small stereo jack cord to in laptop for its sound system.
  • This workshop can only be arranged for a minimum of 60 Participants
  • 2-Days accommodation to our resource team.

workshop Duration

2-Days (7-8 hours each day)

Workshop Registration Fee

RS.1200/-per participant only.
(The fee includes: @15% service tax training, Free taken away IOT kit to each team of 5memebers, certification, and Event registration)

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