Highlights of the QuadCopter Workshop

  • Introduction to Multi Rotor Vehicles & QuadCopter dynamics
  • Introduction to design &concepts of Embedded Systems behind the Quadrotor
  • Understanding the Electronics circuit ,Fabrication, Calibration &Testing of Quadcopter
  • Learning about the working of accelerometer sensors, gyros and controllers – P & PI
  • Hands-on experience of flying quadcopter using Radio Control.
  • Participation Certificate from ROBOFEAST-2017 with Cognizance IIT-Roorkee

Workshop objective

Quadcopter is a rotary-wing aircraft with four rotors which has marked its interests for the benefit of both civil and military domains. Its amazing maneuverability and the ease to fly in constricted locations have achieved itself a remarkable position in the aviation sector. Our workshop helps participants understand the concepts and use of accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers and wireless communication in designing and controlling a Quadcopter

Certificate Distribution

  • Certificate of Participation from ROBOFEAST-2016,Cognizance IIT-Roorkee.
  • Certificate of Coordination from ROBOFEAST-2016,Cognizance IIT-Roorkee..
  • Certificate of Coordination from ROBOFEAST-2016,Cognizance IIT-Roorkee.

2-Days Quad Copter Course Content

1-Day session 1

Introduction to Multicopter

  • Definition
  • History of Quadcopter
  • Difference between different types of Multicopter
  • Applications of Quadcopter
  • Uses of Quadcopter
  • Working Mechanism
  • Operating Techniques
  • Constructional Techniques

Base of Multicopter

  • Frame
  • Types of Frame
  • Frame Configuration
  • Propeller
  • History of Propeller
  • Theory and Designing of Propeller
  • Standard Propeller Size
  • Different forces acting on Propeller
  • Understanding Propeller Size and Control
  • Analysis of Propeller Pitch, Diameter and RPM


  • Types of Motors
  • Basic working concept of Motors
  • Characteristics of BLDC
  • Advantages of BLDC
  • Applications of BLDC
  • Theory of operation of BLDC
  • Different Phase BLDC Motor
  • Evaluation of BLDC

1-Day session-2

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

  • Features
  • Working
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Interfacing of ESCs
  • Start up Procedures
  • Protection Methods
  • Trouble Shooting

Overview of Sensor

  • Definition
  • Different Types of Sensors
  • Use of Sensor in QuadCopter
  • Interfacing of Sensors

Introduction to Flight Controller Board

  • What is Microcontroller?
  • Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor.
  • Microcontroller Architecture and Interfacing.
  • Understanding the detailed pin out of the Microcontroller.
  • Understanding different protocols and peripherals of Flight Controller Board
  • How can we use Microcontroller in our Own Circuits?

Introduction to Battery

  • Difference between Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Battery Characteristics of Lipo Battery
  • Benefits and Downsides of using Lipo
  • Charging Lipo Battery
  • Maximum charge voltage and current
  • How to overcome over discharging
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Lipo
  • Safety Precautions

2-Day Session-1

Radio Devices

  • Definition
  • Use of RC Remote Control
  • Understanding Radio Transmitter
  • Types of Radio Transmitter
  • Different Channels of Radio transmitter
  • Basic Functionalities of RC Transmitter

Installation of Software and Debugging

  • Flashing the Firmware into Flight Controller Board with the use of Programmer Updating the Firmware
  • Synchronizing RC Transmitter and Receiver
  • Calibrating RC Transmitter
  • Working with Flying Model Simulator (FMS)

Live Flying Session with Experts Guidance

2-Day Session-2

Zonal Competition

After the hand on theory and practical experience from the workshop, Zonal Round Competition will be conducted for the participants.

Certificate Distribution

  • Certificate of Participation from ROBOFEAST-2016,Cognizance IIT-Roorkee.
  • Certificate of Coordination from ROBOFEAST-2016,Cognizance IIT-Roorkee..
  • Zonal Winners will participate for Final Rounds on march 2017 at IIT-Roorkee.

1st Stage (To be held at Zonal Centers)

  • Competitions will be held at different Zonal centers through workshop on QuadCopter.
  • All the participants who want to participate in ROBOFEAST-2017 Championship are required to attend the workshop at any zonal center.

2nd Stage (Prelims rounds to be held at zonal center):

  • Just after the workshop a Prelims Rounds of ROBOFEAST-2017 will held at zonal center.
  • Winners will be awarded with Certificate of Merit and will be eligible to participate in Final Rounds which will be held on march 2017 at IIT-Roorkee.

3rd Stage (FINAL Round to be held at IIT-Roorkee):

  • Winners of zonal centers will be called to participate in the biggest final round of ROBOFEAST-2017 championship will held on march 2017 at IIT-Roorkee
  • Top 3 Teams will be awarded as winners of The ROBOFEAST-2017 championship & will be awarded & honored by Cognizance,IIT-Roorkee.

QuadCopter Kit Components

  • Quad frame Power Distribution Board
  • kk multi copter control board V 5.5
  • Screws and screw Driver
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Radio Receiver
  • Multirotor Stabilization Controller
  • 30A Electronic Speed Controller 4 nos
  • 1000KV Brushless DC Motor 4 nos
  • Propellers (1 pair of Pushers + 1 pair of Pullers)
  • 2200mAh Battery 01 nos
  • Normal Battery Charger 01 nos
  • Battery Strap 01
  • DEAN / XT60 connector
  • Bullet Connectors 12 nos


Benefits to the participants of RoBoFeast-2017

  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts
  • Hands on Experience flying Quad copter using remote control
  • We will be providing knowledge of Quad Copter development and its Dynamics
  • Top 3 member will be awarded with merit certificate & are required to participate in Final Rounds in IIT-R
  • Certificate of Participation to all Participants from Cognizance, IIT-Roorkee

Benefits of association with us

  • Name and Logo including website link will be published on our official website mentioning that “You are our Official Zonal Partner”.
  • Authorized Team will visit your College to organize the entire event.
  • An email will be sent to more than 1 lack users of our web partners about your college publicity.
  • Posters and Flexes will be sent to you for effective regional publicity.
  • All India publicity through SMS will also be done.

Requirements for Zonal Center

  • Seminar hall/classroom having the enough capacity to conduct hands-on-session for all participants.
  • Good Quality public address system ideally two cordless mikes will be required.
  • Projector/ Screen along with black/white board for teaching and presentation purposes.
  • One small stereo jack cord connects to laptop for its sound system.
  • Hospitality (2 days) for a team of 2 members (Quad copter Technical experts).
  • 2-Days workshop can only be arranged for a minimum of 60 Student

Workshop Duration

The Duration of the Workshop will be of 2 Days (7-8 hrs. each day)

Who Could Attend?

All engineering students & hobbyist of QuadCopter can attend this workshop, as Robotics has become the backbone of all the industry needs…

Registration charges (Training + Free kit)

INR.1200/-per participant only
The fee includes: Taken away Quad Copter kits to each team of 8 members, workshop training, certification, students refreshment, and Event registration.

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